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Davis Artificial Grass is proud to offer artificial grass for Pet Areas and Dog Runs. The best aspects of synthetic turf are the benefits it has over real grass. Synthetic turf does not need to be groomed, watered, or fertilized like live grass. This makes it perfect for your pets to run and play on. In addition, synthetic grass does not get muddy, making it a much cleaner space.

Synthetic grass is simply more convenient for pet owners to maintain than living, outdoor grass. Maintaining a Pet Area or Dog Run can be challenging due to the amount of outside work that needs to be done in order to keep it clean and attractive.

The convenience that artificial grass has to offer helps pet owners to create a safe, attractive area for their pets. It’s not just an easier space to maintain, but also one that is safer for the animals. With the outdoor hazards natural grass presents, such as mud or insects being present, artificial turf keeps pets safer and happier.

Is Artificial Grass Safe for Pets?

The short answer is yes! The use of artificial grass in Pet Areas and Dog Runs has increased dramatically over the past few years. Many people are choosing this option over natural grass because of the many important benefits it offers, including its safety for pets.

Artificial turf is often used for pet areas because it’s cleaner than natural grass. A major advantage that it has over real grass is the lack of mud. If you have a dog, they are sure to spend most of their time digging in the ground when they’re outside. This can lead to quite a mess on your hands if it’s real grass. However, artificial turf does not hold onto mud or other debris like natural grass does. Additionally, it doesn’t need to be cleaned up or watered throughout the day.

Benefits of Artificial Turf for Pet Areas

  • Insects don’t survive long in artificial grass, which means fewer fleas and other harmful bugs on your pets!
  • Synthetic grass is cleaner than natural grass, so your dog won’t need a bath after every outdoor play session. They might even smell better too.
  • No more need to fill holes dug in your lawn.
  • Your pets will bring less dirt into your home. Say goodbye to muddy paw-prints!
  • Tips for Selecting Pet-Friendly Synthetic Turf
  • Drainage is Important

The most important consideration for any artificial turf where dogs will be present is drainage. Artificial turf with a good backing that adequately drains liquids will help keep your yard sanitary and reduce odors. Good drainage is also helpful for rainfall and directing water away from your yard.

Select the Correct Blades

There are many styles of artificial grass blades available. Blades can affect everything from drainage, to appearance, and comfort. Most of the pet owners we’ve worked with find a combination of straight and curly blades are the most comfortable to walk on, and also look the most natural.

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