Artificial Grass Installation

When it comes to artificial grass installation, you need a professional who is experienced and knowledgeable about your particular area. The team at Davis Artificial Grass has years of experience in the industry and provides top-notch service. We use only the best materials for our installations and offer several different types of artificial turf so that your lawn can look exactly as you want it to.

Our team starts by taking precise measurements of the area where you will be installing your artificial grass so we can figure out how much material we will need to complete the project.

technicians measuring artificial grass installation area

Before installing your new artificial lawn, we’ll need to prepare the base. The ground may need to be leveled so that there are no bumps or dips, and we ensure the angles of slopes are consistent with industry standards for drainage to keep your lawn looking amazing all year long. Typically, this involves 2-3 inches of compacted level decomposed granite or quarter minus road base.

When your turf arrives, it will be compressed from being rolled for packing and shipping. We’ll need to unroll the turf and leave it out for a minimum of 6 hours to warm up and decompress before installation. Often times we can do this the day before installation.

On installation day we will roll the turf back up to transport it to the installation location of your property, being careful not to drag the turf and being mindful of any existing landscaping you have in place.

Workers unrolling artificial grass before installation

We will cut the turf to fit your specific application area, and use seam-tape and a strong adhesive glue to create flawless seams in your new lawn. We will make sure there are no bubbles in the artificial grass and it is installed evenly.

technician sealing seams in artificial grass

After all the seams are in place, we make the final precision cut around the perimeter of the turf following any physical barriers like curbs or driveways for a perfect fit.

When the final cuts are complete we drive six-inch steel nails spaced 8-12 inches apart to secure the perimeter and keep the turf in place. Nails are not used in the middle of the lawn as they can prevent the turf from expanding and contracting, which can cause ripples and bubbles.

Hammering artificial turf nails

Next we spread and brush in a layer of coated silica sand infill. This helps to weigh the turf down and also helps the artificial grass blades to achieve the realistic, natural look you are going for. For athletic fields a rubber infill is used instead of sand.

Raking silica sand infill into artificial turf

The final step is to give your new synthetic lawn a good watering to help the infill settle down in between the blades.

watering artificial turf to settle the sand infill

Before leaving, we will clean up the area and make sure there are no tools or installation materials left behind. We understand that you want your yard to look as good as it did before we got here, so our turf professionals always treat your landscaping with care.

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